Residual Oil Remover (ROR) Lens Cleaner, 2 fluid ounce bottle with Pump Spray AND Kimtech Science Wipes

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Quality optics are a big investment. Keep your investment working at its peak performance with ROR Lens Cleaner. The 2 fluid ounce bottle comes with a pump spray nozzle and works excellent for use on tablets, laptop/PC screens, TV screens and other large surfaces or use the 2 ounce bottle as a refill for the one ounce dropper bottle. ROR is specifically designed to be safe on all high end multi-coated optics. Whether you are cleaning the lenses for your camera, binoculars, telescope or microscope, ROR will ensure your optics perform like they should. In addition, ROR works extremely well on LCD screens (TV, PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone), eyeglasses and even CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays. Keep your investment working for a lifetime with ROR lens cleaner. Use ROR with the included Kimtech Science wipes for an excellent cleaning experience.